Trump and 9/11: Perception Magement

I will offer my thoughts and analysis of Trumps words in this piece of perception management:


This was aired to deal with any thoughts that planes couldn’t do the damage we saw on 9/11.

Trump knew bombs must have been used, demonstrating inside knowledge.

In the 911 interview at the beginning of the vid, Trump gives his statements as “the best known builder of great buildings”. This establishes him as an authority on the subject of architecture and construction.

Why would we need an authority on architecture and construction? Because the 911 event was preposterous nonsense and almost everyone recognizes that it’s not possible for planes to do that.

Therefore, the authority on the subject speaks to alleviate peoples questions and confusions of which there are many (since this event is fake). He offers various possibilities that enhance the expected destruction (bombs/aftershocks etc) because planes can’t do what they say they did. This is a form of damage control, and it is perception management. He offers words to convince us that the 911 event did happen, which we accept because he is an authority on the subject.

He knows we know planes can’t do that, but he is trying to convince us that it did happen through extra detail.

He says “I can’t imagine anything being able to go through that wall.” If the authority on construction can’t imagine anything going through that wall does that make him dumb or smart? He mentions again at some point that planes can’t do what we saw, therefore more stuff must have been used (bombs etc.)

Listen for him calling the attacks an “amazing, amazing thing”.

“The country is different today and its going to be different than it ever was for many years to come.” This is the NWO plan, he again demonstrates inside knowledge.

“I just got to see something I never saw before.” You “get to see” things that you enjoy watching.

The interviewer asks “What is the New York Skyline like as you see it now?”
He replies “It’s like a whole different city and world.” (a new world?). Here he gives more “accept the coming changes” comments.

“We have to rebuild the WTC, not necessarily in the same form.” Again he demonstrates inside knowledge. He was one of the elite that knew the two towers would be rebuilt as one.

Trumps talk of “bombs” and “more than just planes” settles the matter in a lot of peoples minds. If the authority on construction recognizes that planes aren’t enough to do that damage, but still maintains that it was the case, then most people will allow him to think for them, and totally manage their perceptions.

This is easily seen by some as showing Trump exposing the 9/11 attacks, these people are, of course, not that bright.

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